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Post-Judgment Enforcement
& Modification

Remedies Are Available When Agreements Are Not Honored
Once your Final Judgment of Divorce is entered, the divorce agreement must be honored. If there comes a time that the terms are not being honored, or your circumstances have changed, you may need to return to court.

This is a separate, new proceeding that requires a filing with the court. Our experienced attorneys will discuss with you the option of returning to court to seek enforcement – or modification – in a post-judgment motion. We can represent you in this proceeding even if you used a different attorney – or no attorney at all – when you were divorced.

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Modification Can Resolve
Changed Financial Circumstances

Post-judgment enforcement issues can include non-payment of alimony or child support, failure to cooperate with getting a house sold, or failing to transfer a financial asset or account.

Modification could be appropriate if you have suffered a significant change in employment or income or if your ex-spouse has experienced a significant financial change. There are also natural changes in parenting time needs as each child ages and matures. Custody and parenting time are always areas that can be readdressed if the needs of the child have changed.

Mediation and Negotiation Can
Be Cost-Effective Solutions

Sometimes it can be more cost-effective to clarify areas of conflict and resolve a post-judgment enforcement issue through mediation or negotiation. But if there are repeated violations of your divorce agreement, our attorneys will zealously and aggressively advocate on your behalf in court.

If you have issues that have arisen since your divorce – whether arising from terms not being honored or from a significant financial change, one of our experienced family law attorneys can help. Contact us today to arrange a free phone consultation.

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