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Both Victims and Defendants Should Seek Legal Help
Domestic abuse affects the health and safety of families across all walks of life. A victim of domestic abuse is entitled to apply for a temporary restraining order (TRO) following an incident of violence. This can occur with police assistance after an officer responds to the scene, or the victim can file a complaint through the Family Division at Superior Court. A hearing for a final restraining order (FRO) will then be scheduled quickly, and participants (plaintiff and defendant) will be expected to conduct the hearing in accordance with the rules of evidence.

Once the court issues a temporary restraining order, it is imperative that both the victim, who is seeking protection, and the defendant, who faces serious collateral consequences, seek the professional advice of an attorney experienced in this area. Whether you are a victim or a defendant in such a case, The Deni Law Group attorneys have the experience and expertise to help you.

Once a civil restraining order complaint is filed by a victim, the plaintiff must be certain that the complaint includes the whole story, including any history of past violence (reported or unreported), so he or she is not limited in the final restraining order hearing.

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Voluntary Help for victims

The victim must be prepared to address issues such as financial support, parenting time and practical tips or safety planning to assure a smooth and safe transition to the "new normal" after the court hearing is completed.

The Deni Law Group attorneys are recognized volunteers who serve domestic violence victims through such community organizations as Safe in Hunterdon, and we work with county prosecutors throughout the state. We’re here ready to help you; contact us for a free phone consultation.

Defendants need immediate hearings

Unfortunately, there are occasions when one party to a divorce will attempt to use a restraining order to have the other party removed from the marital residence and gain leverage in the divorce proceeding. This is when a defendant must have an experienced trial attorney who is not afraid to conduct a hearing immediately.

The Deni Law Group’s experienced attorneys regularly appear in court for contested hearings, sometimes with less than a week to prepare, and we can protect you from the collateral damage caused when a final restraining order is issued during a divorce. We stay current on developments in case law in this area and we know the rules of evidence essential in every domestic violence restraining order hearing.

Risk of collateral damage

A final restraining order can result in employment consequences if your employer has access to the central registry maintained by the Attorney General’s Office, which is particularly important if you are employed as a teacher, daycare provider, doctor, nurse or in law enforcement.

A final restraining order also can impact your ability to secure a Firearms Purchaser Identification Card and your right to have any weapons returned. With the quick "summary" nature of domestic violence proceedings, it is essential that your attorney act immediately on your behalf. At The Deni Law Group, we are here for you and ready to take action.

If you are a victim or a defendant facing a hearing for a restraining order, contact us immediately for a free phone consultation.

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