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Child Support & College Expenses

Child Support Calculation Range from Straightforward to Complex

In New Jersey, child support is based upon the premise that financial support is a continuous duty until "emancipation" and that children are entitled to share in the current income of both parents.

New Jersey uses a child support guideline (or formula) for calculating child support in cases where the combined net income of the parents is $187,200 or less. This involves entering information into a standardized worksheet and calculating the amount of each parent's time with the child to produce a weekly child support figure.

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Some cases require additional analysis

In child support cases where net income exceeds $187,200 per year, determining the amount of child support requires additional analysis. In such cases, the child support guidelines are used to determine the minimum amount of child support awarded, and then additional analysis is used to determine how much to deviate up from the minimum guideline amount.

The Deni Law Group's experienced family law attorneys handle child support obligations that arise in a number of different contexts, including divorce, separation, support between non-married individuals, post-judgment or modification applications, emancipation of the child, and appeals.


Often, child support calculations must take into consideration issues unique to each situation; e.g., are childcare expenses included? What about health insurance? Who pays for camp or sports, music lessons or tutoring?

Given these complexities, we encourage you to contact The Deni Law Group to schedule a free phone consultation to discuss your case.

For more information regarding the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines, you may review the guidelines at

Child Support

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