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Mediation, Arbitration & Collaborative Law

A Cost-Effective Means of Deciding Divorce Issues
In divorce mediation, clients control the process. Clients can decide how often to meet, when to meet, and how detailed they want to be in their mediation. This is quite a different scenario than having a stranger (the judge) determine the outcome.

During mediation, clients can determine, with the assistance of the mediator, what is in their best interests and in the best interests of their family members. Mediation can address all of the issues involved in a divorce case, including issues dealing with children.

The Deni Law Group is not only certified by the state of New Jersey to provide mediation services; we also have years of experience in all areas of family law, and have been recommended by judges and fellow attorneys to act as mediators.

Over the years, we have saved clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal and expert fees by resolving, through mediation, all of the issues parties are faced with in terminating their marriage.

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An Often Helpful, Non-Binding Process

It is our practice to meet with each party separately to obtain their position regarding the dissolution of the marriage. Depending on the circumstances, we will then meet with the parties jointly to further discuss their respective positions.

Rather than sitting in a courthouse for several hours waiting for a judge, we make sure mediation sessions start on time, and end when the parties decide to terminate the proceeding or to continue it on another day.

At times one party might not feel comfortable being in the same room with their spouse. In that event, the mediator literally runs back and forth with proposals in an attempt to resolve issues and reduce any agreements reached to a written "memorandum of understanding" that ultimately will lead to a "mediation agreement." The mediation agreement can be incorporated in the final judgment of divorce.

Mediation is not binding on the parties, and whatever takes place during the mediation process is confidential, and cannot be used in a divorce proceeding unless both parties agree.

Next Step: Binding Arbitration

At times, and based upon the issues and circumstances, mediation might lead to arbitration. Unlike mediation, the arbitration process is binding, and upon completion can also be incorporated in the judgment of divorce.

In addition to offering mediation, The Deni Law Group can recommend and furnish arbitrators with whom we work, many of whom are experienced, retired family law judges.

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